Since 1873 the Marchi family has been protagonist in the history of Italian chemical industry.

For over a century, it has owned and operated chemical plants, with a view of a continuous search for quality excellence, combining respect for tradition with the need to improve itself in the production process and invest in the future by quickly seizing the opportunities as they arise.

In this perspective, in 2010 MARCHI ENERGIA SRL was born as a new initiative undertaken by the Marchi Group in the renewable energy field, one of the pivots on which the innovation of the industrialized countries turns.

Its activities appealing to the possibility to:

  • transfer the technical and system know-how deriving from the main business in the renewable energies sector;
  • invest in an opportunistic and fast way in the countries, where there are the most interesting rate conditions, owing to know-how, decision-making speed and availability of capitals to invest full equity, without getting into debts.

Marchi Energia, through SPVs specially incorporated in full equity, his made:

  • Five companies that produce electricity from on-the-ground photovoltaic systems in Basilicata and Umbria (5,5 MW). These plants produce over 7.000 Mwh and a turnover higher than 25 min/€ on annual basis;

and owns:

  • Six companies that produce electricity from on-the-ground photovoltaic systems in Romania (10MW), receiving 6 green certificates for each MWh produced;
  • GM Green Methane GM), a company incorporated in December 2013, was born from the meeting between the Marchi Group and the Giammarco Vetrocoke Group. The complementary expertise of the two groups have led to the development of a proprietary technology, wholly Italian, for the purification (upgrading) of biogas  to biomethane. GM is able to provide  biogas  “upgrading” plants  characterized by the use of non-hazardous products and with high performance in the removal of the carbon dioxide contained in the biogas, with negligible losses of methane, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. The plants are compact, fully automated and easy to manage.

The photovoltaic system developed in Italy, were sold to Fysis SICA Efesto-Energy fund. The group owns a significant participation and has also ongoing industrial partnership with this fund.

Marchi Energia operates as sub-holding company of renewable energy business.

The production of Italian photovoltaic systems began in 2011, while the Romanian ones came into operation in 2013.